By introducing new modern icons in women’s clothing, Prato has created a market for itself, and this has done more than anyone could have ever imagined. At present, the garments are sold in more than 40 Countries and at good top-end prices depending on the value of the textile and the quality. Prato, or to be more precise Macrolotto Prato, began nearly seventy years ago and has since become an important player in the world of women’s fashion garments. One of the reasons why Macrolotto Prato’s products are so outstanding is its ability to find highly skilled laborers for garment production and its maintenance. It has everything you need.

Why is Prato a good place to manufacture apparel?

There are over 8,000 clothing factories in Prato making garments for the major European retailers, producing or buying ready-to-wear in Prato means a dramatic reduction in lead times (compared to overseas Asian productions) and unbeatable quality to price ratio. together with clothing factories (the so-called pronto mode). There is also a wide range of factories producing leather goods, accessories, and clothing. This area of Tuscany, therefore, has now become a one-stop solution for all the apparel businesses.

Quick Facts about clothing
Manufacturing in Prato

Revenue in the Fashion segment in 2019 is an estimated €5.6 Billion

Over 600,000 people are employed in the fashion manufacturing industry in Prato

In 2017 the entire Italian textile and fashion industry revenue was an estimated €54.1 Billion