What do you think when you read “Made in Italy?” According to KPMG Advisory, the “Made in Italy” tag on clothing is not only seen as a production in a certain location, rather it is seen as a product brand. It has garnered brand recognition similar to that of VISA and Coca Cola, with estimated values of this “brand” averaging $7.5 Billion.

There is a key reason for this, Italians are highly skilled at clothing manufacturing. While Italian fashion manufacturing is already large, it is still growing at an impressive 11.1% annually, making Italy one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and the world. Want to give your brand the extra value of “Made in Italy?” Find your ideal manufacturer with GLI fashion sourcing

Why is Italy a good place to manufacture apparel?

There are many reasons to produce in Italy. First you have the value of the “Made in Italy” label. Second you have people who know fashion and take pride in their work to produce such excellent garments for luxury brands. Third, we can ship to anywhere in the world from Italy since Italy has excellent infrastructure and is an EU member. There are no added administrative costs and tariffs.

Quick Facts about clothing
Manufacturing in italy

Revenue in the Fashion segment in 2019 is an estimated €5.6 Billion

Over 600,000 people are employed in the fashion manufacturing industry in Italy

In 2017 the entire Italian textile and fashion industry revenue was an estimated €54.1 Billion